Pink Opal Kitty Carving

Pink Opal Kitty Carving

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This is an incredible carving of the Hello Kitty character.

Pink Opal is very powerful crystal that is believed to be connected with ones heart.
This stone brings calming, tranquil vibrations unlocking our heart chakra. Pink Opal is believed to aid our body when we are struggling with sadness, especially sadness within our heart.
This stone is said to push us to sear within ourselves, strengthening the connection and making us stronger as individuals.
Pink opal gives us a sense of individuality, showing just how strong we really are.
Pink Opal is also believed to assist in self- healing, rejuvenation our emotional body and aura. 



                  - 3.8cm x 3.2cmx 2.6cm
                  - 44g