Crackle Quartz Sphere

Crackle Quartz Sphere

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This is an incredible piece of Crackle Quartz that has been dyed pink for added flare to the gorgeous crystal.

Crackle quartz is also commonly known as Fire and Ice Stone. This stone gets its effect from being heated then rapidly cooled to created the internal fractures, giving the effect of Ice. 
The crackled inside is said to resonate with the tree of life and assisting the access of information from a higher power. This stone awakens and encourages all chakras. It is said to hold energy that purifies and amplifies the aura and ward off negative energies.
This stone is one of new beginnings and growth.

Although this piece has been enhanced with colour, the colours do not effect the healing abilities of the stone.


This piece is 5cm in diameter with a weight of 155g.