Chevon Amethyst Wing Set

Chevon Amethyst Wing Set

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This is an incredible variation of Chevron Amethyst which is also commonly known as Dream Amethyst.
This beautiful wing set does come with its own customised stand which displays the wing set perfectly.

Chevron Amethyst is the name given to the naturally occurring Amethyst and White Quartz banded together.
Chevron Amethyst shares a lot of the same energies as Amethyst but is said to be stronger and more powerful.
Meditating with this stone is said to increase the vividness and clarity of ones dreams and imagery within.
This stone is a powerful healer that is said to enhance psychic abilities and allow you to tune in to your intuition. It is said to be a protector of your aura, warding off bad vibes and energies.

Dimensions: left wing
                    - 10.5cm x 4.8cm x 0.8cm

                      Right wing
                    -10.5cm x 4.7cm x 0.7cm
                    - 52g